Safety and security training has developed courses consisting of short e-learning sessions that take 3–7 minutes to complete. The sessions are freely available through the links below. Leaders can register their staff for whole courses.

Basic safety training
  1. My responsibility
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Learn first aid skills
  4. Threats and threatening situations
  5. Life-threatening violence (PLIVO)
  6. Fire protection
  7. Online risks
  8. How to deal with valuable information
  9. Protection of privacy
  10. Before you travel
Acute and life-threatening violence (PLIVO)
  1. Ongoing life-threatening violence (PLIVO)
  2. Run, hide, fight
  3. Know the premises
  4. Holding a management position
  5. First aid
  6. When the police arrives
Protection of privacy (GDPR) and ethics in research

Target group: Researchers and students

  1. Are you doing research on people?
  2. Do you actually need personal data?
  3. Be considerate – conduct a DPIA!
  4. Permissions you need in order to collect personal data
  5. How to obtain consent
  6. Safe processing of the information
  7. When you are done

Research ethics

Safety during the Start of Studies

Target group: Buddies at universities and university colleges.

Safety at the Start of Studies


Target group: All

  1. Extremism must be taken seriously
  2. What are the characteristics of the extremisation process?
  3. How can employees and students contribute to prevent extremisation?
  4. What to do if you worry about extremisation
Information security 2021

Target group: All

Building security is teamwork

Understand the value of information

Lack of control with unstructured data

Secure working off campus

The threats are complex

As open we can, and as closed as necessary

Protect yourself and us from cyberattacks

How to create secure passwords

Remember to speak up!

Your actions matter!

Learn more

Learn more

Last updated: 16. September 2021