Sikresiden.no (On the Safe Side) is a webapp. It provides you with user-friendly training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations. However, you must always assess the situation yourself to decide what is the best thing to do in each individual case.

Sikresiden.no is specially adapted to students and staff at universities and university colleges, among other things, by making the local emergency number at their institutions easily available. The information is available in Norwegian and English.

Sikresiden.no is used by AHO, ANSABI, CMIHiMolde, HINNHiVolda, HIØHVLHøyskolen KristianiaKHIO, KRUS, LDH, NHHNIH, NLA HøgskolenNMBUNMHNORD universitetNTNU,  OsloMet, Politihøgskolen, Sikt (no), SimulaUiA, UiBUiO, UiS, UiTUNIS,  USN and VID. Professionals from different fields have worked together to develop the content of sikresiden.no.

We have also had discussions with and received input from a number of experts from projects and institutions including: the Norwegian Police, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, NKT TRAUME - The Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Trauma, the Norwegian National Committees for Research Ethics, the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), the Assault Centre in Oslo, and the ‘Lykkepromille’ project.

The higher education sector has the same core activities, legislation and common requirements from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. We save resources and achieve more when we share and work together.

Links to sikresiden.no can be made without restrictions.

Sikresiden.no (On the Safe Side) is protected by copyright in accordance with the Norwegian Copyright Act (Åndsverkloven).