Security is about preventing
serious incidents.

Emergency preparedness is knowing to deal with them, when they do occur.


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Security is about preventing
serious incidents.

Emergency preparedness is knowing to deal with them, when they do occur.


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In an emergency
In an emergency situation where life and health is in danger, contact the emergency services immediately: Fire 110, Police 112, Ambulance 113. Say what is happening, and where. Do not hang up, follow instructions.

The crisis management team in your organisation do not handle the emergency situation, the emergency services does.

Serious incidents
There are channels where you can report serious incidents at your institution. The number of your institution is at the bottom of (if you have chosen affiliation).

Self-preparedness – what can you do? ­

At you will find information about what you can do in different types of situations, including serious ones.

Get acquainted with and add it to the home screen on your cell phone, so you have it as an app when you need it.

At the bottom of the page, you will always find the numbers of the emergency services for immediate help, and where to report incidents in your organisation. Film that shows more about what you find on

"You are part of Norway's emergency preparedness"

The DSB (The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) encourages everyone living in Norway to familiarize themselves with their Advice Self-Preparedness for emergencies. This is so that you can cover your basic needs for at least three days if, for example, the power goes out.

The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has made a poster about What you can do to protect yourself in the event of a nuclear accident (NO)They recommend everyone under 40, pregnant or breastfeeding to have iodine tablets at home. The tablets can provide protection against radioactive iodine in the event of a nuclear accident and should only be taken on the advice of the authorities.

DSB also has the website Sikkerhverdag with tips on how to prevent accidents at home, and how to be better equipped to cope with larger incidents and crises.

Preparedness where you work or study

Preparedness is planning for, and being able to handle, incidents and crises that occur despite the security measures.

All organisations have emergency plans, and an emergency organisation, which means that managers are part of emergency teams or crisis teams. It may take some time for these to assemble.

They are required to practice at least once a year how to handle serious incidents that could affect the organisation.


Crisis management teams are (usually) formed in the event of incidents that are, or have the potential to become, critical of the organisation and / or the people for whom the organisation is responsible. When this happens, the organisation has declared a situation to be an emergency situation.

A crisis management team usually consists of the same managers who are responsible on a daily basis, but they organize the work a little differently: They work closer and faster to reduce the consequences of the incident. The goal is to return to normal as soon as possible.

An emergency situation can mean that the decisions that must be made to handle the situation are made at other levels and by others than those who take them in a normal situation.

Contingency plans and exercises

An emergency plan describes the crisis management organization and the measures that can be implemented to ensure that an incident is handled efficiently.

Everyone who has a role in the crisis management team must know the plans, their own role and their own tasks.

It is the top manager who is responsible for ensuring that plans are updated and regularly practiced. 

Information during heightened national preparedness and national crises

Official information can be found on and the municipality's website. Keep track of information from your place of study and work.

You will find more information on public websites, online newspapers, radio, TV and social media.

Crisis situations can be confusing, and some people may have vested interests in disseminating misinformation. Pay extra attention to whether the information is from reliable sources.

NRK has a special responsibility to bring official messages from the authorities. NRK P1 is the emergency channel.

How to get information in crises (DSB)

You are also a part of Norway's preparedness - the Total Defence

The Total Defense concept revolves around mutual support and collaboration between the Armed Forces and civilian society across the entire crisis spectrum, from peacetime and security policy crises to armed conflict.

In this video (lø, the leader of the The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) and the Chief of Defense discuss Total Defense and its relevance to everyone.


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